August 18

XCMG, 3rd Best Manufacturer in the World


If you’re looking for power, high-efficiency and innovation, look no further than XCMG. The multinational heavy machinery manufacturer ranks third in the World’s Top 50 Manufacturers by international supplier magazine KHL Group. 

XCMG holds nearly 80 years of experience producing some of the leading earth-moving  equipment solutions in the world. This is all while championing eco-friendly solutions and charitable causes globally. But, it’s the company’s confidence in their equipment and care for customers that remains impressive.  

XCMG produces the most competitive warranty of its competitors - a 5-year, 5,000-hour warranty that includes on-site support. The company promises spare parts deliveries within 72 hours, 365x24 year-round service, and butler services. Should you purchase an after-market product, XCMG has special warranty packages just for you.  

Government agencies across the globe recognize XCMG’s innovation and quality. The manufacturer is the recipient of the National Award for Quality by the Chinese Government, Annual Best Investor by the German Government, and Annual Top 10 Enterprise by the Brazilian Government. XCMG has also been awarded the Red Dot prize for design in Germany. 

These are just a few reasons why Skyline Machinery Sales became the first XCMG dealer in the United States in March 2021. 

Need an example of XCMG’s powerful products? Just look at the specs from the latest shipment of XE35U mini excavators to see how they stack up to competitor Caterpillar 303 CR. 



Operating Weight

9,259 lbs.

7,817 lbs.

Bucket Capacity

0.2 yd3


Dig Depth

121 in.

116.1 in.




U.S. EPA Tier4 Final / National Ill / Euro V

U.S. EPA Tier4 Final / Euro V


24.4 hp

23.6 hp




Digging Force

6.429 lbf 

6.385  lbf 


100 in3

69 in3 

Swing System


Swing Speed

9 r/min

9 r/min

With great weight comes great power. The XE35U features a Yanmar 3TNV88F engine with an incomparable 24.4 HP and 121 digging depth that meets more multinational emissions standards than the 303 CR. The tailless design on the XE35U increases the equipment’s flexibility and versatility, especially in small radius areas. 

Next Steps 

Consider the powerful XE35U mini excavator on small or medium-sized landscaping, drilling or digging projects, such as home renovation, sewer line repair or tree harvesting.

Speak to a Skyline Machinery Sales representative today. 


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