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XCMG XE55U Excavator vs LiuGong 903EZTS vs CAT 304E2 CR vs JD 50G


The XE55U joins a long line of new-generation small excavators built by XCMG. The U series features high precision, energy-saving, and reliable earth-moving equipment with self-adaptive control technology to ensure maximum fuel efficiency (9% in E mode; 22% in P mode).  

Make use of this short-tailed, short-slewing radius excavator in confined construction spaces needing added power. The XE55U is a powerful excavator that surpasses its competitors, like the LiuGong (LG) 903EZTS, Caterpillar (CAT) 304E2 CR, and the John Deere (JD) 50G.


Although powered by a strong 30.7 kW engine, the XE55U complies with EPA Tier 4 Final and Euro Stage V emissions. XCMG’s advanced technology improves efficiency with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and diesel particulate filler (DPF). The XE55U features the most powerful engine and the greatest maximum digging depth among competitors like the LG 903EZTS, CAT 304E2 and JD 50G.

Adopting a high-pressure direct injection spark ignition engine, which makes each drop of fuel count and delivers better fuel economy. The excellent matching of the hydraulic system and the engine is more powerful and fuel saving. 

The powers of the hydraulic pump and engine match intelligently, determining working conditions automatically, ensuring flow output, decreasing engine speed drop ratio and ensuring working efficiency of the excavator. The integrated body design features an upgraded structure that improves bearing performance and stress dispersion.  

Comfort & Safety 

The detailed cab design provides added space and comfort over previous generations. It features improved cooling and heating, toughened glass cockpit with a clear safety view, and a safety headlamp on the roof regardless of the time of day. 

The cab, undercarriage and console are integrated by adopting advanced welding technology, which greatly reduces indoor noise and ensures the comfort of the operator. 

A wide range of after-sales service systems, quick-response rescue mechanisms ensures the added safety needed for your crew. Speak real-time with technical consultants about maintaining your XE55U and lengthening the life of the equipment. 

Convenience & Maintenance 

With the easy maintenance design, operators can open the engine hood with no dead angle maintenance. The high-pressure quick coupler pipeline and the backup pipeline with adjustable flow advance accessibility and provide more attachment options. 

After the hood is opened, the maintenance of the diesel engine filter and oil filter are within arms reach; the inspection and refilling of oil and air conditioner refrigerant are extremely convenient. 

The multiple additional configurations help your XE55U meet different operating requirements. Operation in a narrow lane can be done through the swing of the dozer blade and its left and right swing angle is 25° respectively. 

The short tail design with a short slewing radius improves the left and right boom swing angle to 70° and 53°, respectively. The strengthened upper structure slewing ensures digging is parallel with wall surfaces in narrow space.

Strengthened boom and arm, adjusted structure and dispersive stress greatly improve service life. With an X-frame undercarriage structure, reinforced plate and enlarged box cross-section, the XE55U experiences improved bearing performance.


LiuGong 903EZTS
Caterpillar CAT 304E2 CR 
John Deere JD 50G

Overall Length

5,340 mm

4,860 mm

4,930 mm

5,470 mm

Overall Width

1,960 mm

1,700 mm

1,950 mm

2,000 mm

Overall Height

2,555 mm

2,500 mm

2,500 mm

2,530 mm


5,700 kg

3,860 kg

4,080 kg

4,920 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.16 m3

0.11 m3



Max. Digging Depth

3,640 mm

3,440 mm

3,430 mm




Engine Rated Power

30.7 kW at 2,200 RPM

18.2 kW at 2,200 RPM

30 kW at 2,200 RPM

26.8 kW at 2,400 RPM

Engine Type

Kubota V2403

Yanmar 3TNV88F

CAT C2.4








2.4 L

1.64 L

2.4 L

2.2 L

Peak Torque

159.8 N-m at 1,500 RPM 

94.2 N-m at 1,320 RPM 



Next Steps

Learn more about the XCMG XE55U today. Find a Skyline Machinery Sales representative in your region.


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